The allegory of Good and Bad Government, (1338-1339), Ambrogio Lorenzeti.

The artwork is divided into four sections:

  1. The Allegory of Bad Government, represented by an evil man with horns dressed in black (like the Devil) who is surrounded by allegorical figures representing Cruelty, Discord, War, Fraud, Anger and Tyranny.
  2. The Effects of Bad Government on Town and Country in which the lands are uncultivated and the people are suffering from violence and thefts
  3. The Allegory of Good Government, represented by an old, wise monarch who sits on a throne and is surrounded by allegorical figures like Justice, Temperance, Prudence, Strength, Peace, as well as the theological virtues of Charity, Faith and Hope
  4. The Effects of Good Government on Town and Country in which the city of Siena is depicted as rich, prosperous, serene and tranquil.


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